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Pornography: Support in Australia for compulsory age verification software on porn websites

Software forcing porn website users to verify their age has been introduced in Britain and cyber safety experts say similar laws could be used to protect Australian children.

The British Parliament yesterday passed orders compelling pornography websites in the UK to install age-verification software — and potentially take credit card details — to ensure users were not under 18.

From April 2018, British porn websites not complying would be fined or blocked.

Australian advocacy groups welcomed the move, saying pornography contributed to unhealthy and sexist views of women and sex.

Some research suggests a link between pornography use and an increase in child-on-child sexual abuse.

"Right now, we have laws around cigarettes, we have laws around alcohol, it's [pornography] simply unsuitable for consumption by children," Liz Walker, chairwoman of Porn Harms Kids, said.

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  • Adults, including the Australian Government, to exercise due diligence to protect children

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