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Stage 1 Action Plan 2017-2020

The Porn Harms Kids Stage 1 Action Plan 2017-2020, is detailed in The Porn Harms Kids Report - protecting our kids from online pornography harms is everyone's business and released on September 25, 2017.


This solutions-focused Action Plan was developed to respond to children and young people’s vulnerabilities to pornography, in consultation with experts around the world. It is clear that harms from pornography are complex, nation-wide and every increasing. We are encouraged by the numerous different organisations and government led bodies attempting to address and prevent the harms, yet approaches to date have not considered solutions through a public health lens. 

Our focus and strategy is envisioned on creating a safer digital future to promote health and prevent sexual harms. In order to effectively prevent, equip and restore children, young people, and their carers, we need a collaborative, coordinated and integrative response across all sectors involved in this issue. 

The Action Plan presents a positive framework to be enacted in consultation with key stakeholders and supporters. Progress will be informed by ongoing updates from key stakeholders, and any research undertaken to assess effectiveness of strategies as they are implemented. The following is an outline of the solutions Porn Harms Kids supports and is working towards over the next 3 years, as we unite with the public to advocate for our children and young people.


If you would like to see Porn Harms Kids Stage 1 Action Plan 2017-2020 implemented in Australia, please add your name to our pledge and consider how you can support our work financially. All gifts are tax deductible. Your Voice. Their Future. 

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  • A world where kids can grow up without being harmed by accessing graphic, violent online pornography
  • Prevention of children’s access to pornography through digital child protection buffers
  • Updated legislation and education to address pornography as a public health crisis that increases children and young people's vulnerabilities to sexual harms

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