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Giving your kids a smartphone? Here's some tips...

Telstra has teamed up with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation to release safety tips and resources in the lead-up to Christmas.


Tips for parents

1. Decide when the time is right: There is no ‘right’ age — purpose, need and responsibility are a better guide.

2. Establish a written usage agreement: Telstra’s ‘My First Mobile Agreement’ outlines some basic ground rules for your kids to follow.

3. Make the most of parental controls: Parental controls tools allow you to set time-of-day restrictions on children’s device usage.

4. Protect your bank account: Give your kids information to understand and track their phone and data usage.

5. Protect the phone: Get a hard case, preferably personalised, and a screen protector.

6. Balance active, passive and no screen time: Support and encourage your kids in activities that don’t involve a digital device.

7. Check your child’s phone with them: Sit down with your child and take a look at recent messages, photos and internet history.

8. Establish a household technology culture: Make sure you’re a positive example.

9. Be an offline supporter: Support and encourage your kids in activities that don’t involve a device.

10. Turn off devices before bedtime: Lack of sleep can affect alertness, concentration and memory.

Source: Alannah & Madeline Foundation and Telstra

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  • Prevention of children’s access, given that porn is linked to increased risks of STIs and other harmful physical and relational outcomes
  • Higher standards for ISPs, tech and porn companies to implement technology-related child protection buffers to block harmful pornographic content
  • Adults, including the Australian Government, to exercise due diligence to protect children

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