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There are many apps and individual measures you can take to block pornography in your home and on each device. This should always be accompanied by regular conversations with your children - just because your home is a safe place, doesn’t mean other homes are as vigilant. Additionally, the school yard, public transport or spaces within broader community are places where your child will inadvertently gain free and easy access to hardcore pornography.


Many filtering platforms and apps have charges associated with them, whilst others are available at no cost. Take the time to compare features and decide what is best for you and your children’s safety.

The iParent platform by the eSafety Office offers guidance for using safety settings on your family’s web-connected devices, tips for choosing movies and games and strategies for keeping young people safe online.

Safe Surfer acts as a gatekeeper for your family's home Internet connection. This service operates on all devices that connect to the internet using your home broadband or wi-fi and can be set up quickly and easily.

Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) what measures they make available to families to block online pornography, and familiarise yourself with the range of other Filtering Software mentioned by the eSafety Office. It’s also important to be aware of the Tricks Pornographers Play in order to make pornography more accessible to children, and ascertain if the platform you choose assists to address these concerns.

If you or a child you know has been a victim of inappropriate behaviour online, please report it to the Australian Federal Police. For example, adults who you believe are acting inappropriately with or towards a child - these reports go directly to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The types of offensive content that may also be illegal is defined with reference to the National Classification Code categories:

  • RC (refused classification)

  • X18+ (sexually explicit content restricted to adults 18 years and over)

  • R18+ (high impact content restricted to adults 18 years plus; and not behind an age-restricted access system that prevents access by minors.

If you or your child comes across content that you believe to be prohibited online content, please report it to the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

Find this process confusing? Contact your MP and let them know you want laws put in place that prioritises protecting children from gaining access to pornography. Ask them how they will support a move by the Government to uphold its duty of care to protect children online.


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