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Extreme internet porn is fuelling a surge in sex attacks by children

Number of under-17s convicted of rape almost doubles in four years

Extreme pornography is fuelling an alarming rise in the number of child rapists, a minister has warned.

Criminal convictions for rape by those aged under 17 have almost doubled in just four years, according to the latest figures.

Experts said vile internet material was influencing children to act out the depraved scenes they saw on mobile phones or tablets.

Last week an 11-year-old boy admitted seven counts of rape and sexual assault on boys under 13 after watching explicit images online. Magistrates in Sunderland said it was ‘clear’ online porn had sparked the sex attacks.

Read more on Daily Mail website: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4217768/Extreme-porn-fuelling-surge-sex-attacks-children.html#ixzz4YiZBTW4M 

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  • A world where children can grow up without being psychologically harmed by accessing graphic, violent pornography online
  • Prevention of children’s access, given that porn is linked to increased risks of STIs and other harmful physical and relational outcomes
  • Higher standards for ISPs, tech and porn companies to implement technology-related child protection buffers to block harmful pornographic content
  • Adults, including the Australian Government, to exercise due diligence to protect children

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